Enbukan organises on 22 and 23 june 2013 an international Aikido seminar with Shishiya Shihan, 7e dan Aikikai-Aikido.

Shishiya Sensei practises more then 50 year Aikido. For 35 years he was the assistent of Shoji Nishio Sensei. He travels regularly to Europe to teach his Aikido. In Japan he has his own dojo's and organisation (Meiseikai).

This is the fourth time that an Aikido seminar with Shishiya Sensei will be held in the Netherlands.

Seminar will be held in the Dojo of Edgar Kruyning in Ede (near Arnhem).

The dojo opens at 9.15. We will allow a maximum of 50 people on the tatami. The dojo has catering facilities. A supermarket is nearby (Sunday closed).

Bring your Jo, Bokken (and Iaito) to the seminar.

Training times

Saturday 10.00-12.30 14.30-17.00
Sunday 10.00-12.30  

Exams will be on Saturday, 13.30-14.30.

On saturday we organise a groupsdiner in Van der Valk Houten (live cooking for 35 per person, all-inn).
More information: http://www.hotelhouten.nl/nl/restaurant/live-cooking/


  day 1 day 1 day
youth 14 to 18 30,00 42,50 55,00
adults 35,00 47,50 60,00

Where is the dojo?

Dojo Physical,
Vening Meineszstraat 7
6717 AJ Ede
telefoon: 0318-635144

Highway A12, exit no. 24, N781 towards Ede, straight Dr. Willem Dreeslaan, at crossing straight ahead Keesomlaan, at Peugeot garage right Ingenieur Lelylaan, at fork left Kamerlingh Onnesweg, at fork right Vening Meineszstraat.  

see at this link: http://www.enbukan.nl/index.php?id=81

Public transport to Ede:

Train to Ede-Wageningen. 
option 1: Bus line 88 (7x per hour) direction Wageningen, get off at Bovenbuurtweg, 10 min. walk to the dojo. 
option 2: walk to the dojo (2 km, 25 min.)

More information on public transport see http://9292.nl/en#

Transport to this dojo can be organised.
Send an email to shishiya@enbukan.nl


1. Hotel van der Valk Houten (http://www.hotelhouten.nl/nl/) Hoofdveste 25, 3992 DH Houten (distance to Ede = 43 km). Preferred hotel, Shishiya and others stay here. We have group discount (125/night for 2 persons in a two persons room, including breakfast). Send us an email (before 1 June) if you want to make use of this offer.

2. Hotel van der Valk Arnhem (http://www.valk.com/nl)  Amsterdamseweg 505 6816 VK Arnhem (distance to Ede = 18 km)

3. Youth hostel Arnhem (http://www.stayokay.com/nl/hostel/arnhem) Diepenbrocklaan 27, 6815 AH Arnhem, tel +31 26 4420114, (distance to Ede = 24 km)

4. Hotel de Paasberg (3*) Arnhemseweg 20-22, 6711 HA, Ede 

5. Bed&Breakfast (7 adresses in Ede, zie http://www.bedandbreakfast.nl/bed-and-breakfast-nl/

6. Camping Zuid Ginkel Verlengde Arnhemseweg 97 6718 SM Ede. http://www.zuidginkel.nl/net-book.php

Any questions?

Send an email to shishiya@enbukan.nl (Eschwin van Loon).